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Welcome to Mzfit Fitness, Inc!

You will not find photographs of men and women touting bulging biceps, muscular legs and incredibly slender waists anywhere on this website.  That is because being fit, per se, does not simply mean bulging muscles and a pencil-thin waistline.  The term “fitness” holds different meanings for different people.  Fitness is inclusive of emotional as well as physical well-being; it is a lifelong journey that requires both the brain and body to work together.

Mzfit Fitness, Inc. possesses over twenty years of experience utilizing fitness as a way of coping with incurable autoimmune conditions.  At Mzfit Fitness, each client is provided with a free consultation and designed a customized fitness plan which incorporates their lifestyle, exercise preferences along with recognizing any physical challenges they may have such as artificial knees, which would prevent that particular client from performing exercises which required kneeling.  Many times, clients are intimidated by commercial gyms, find that their particular needs cannot be met and thus are unable to reach their goals.  In order to avoid that issue, Mzfit Fitness trains clients in their own home, which affords the client comfort and privacy.  Should a client possess a commercial gym membership and prefer that environment, Mzfit Fitness will accommodate as long as the gym allows outside Certified Personal Trainers.  Communication is held in high regard here at Mzfit Fitness, so I do keep in constant contact with my clients via e-mail, texting or Skype; whichever platform the client is most familiar with.  E-mails and text messages are returned within a timely 24-hour period.  Skype sessions may be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Mzfit Fitness, Inc. concentrates on Functional Training, finding this method of training produces the greatest results, even for the client’s Activities of Daily Living.  Mzfit Fitness’s specialty is working with clients who face the challenge of living life with a chronic condition such as Rheumatoid Disease (aka Rheumatoid Arthritis) and Diabetes, just to name a couple.  Unfortunately, these clients are often overlooked by Personal Trainers and commercial facilities and yet, these are the clients who would benefit a great deal with an educated and empathetic Certified Personal Trainer.

Being active, becoming more fit, increasing your range of motion and, potentially your mobility, can be extremely empowering.  You do not have to become a statistic or allow statistics to define your path in life!

Come and join the Mzfit movement!